Roxanna Stead

the spectrum of nursing specialties featured

The Spectrum of Nursing Specialties

The Spectrum of Nursing Specialties Introduction Nursing is a cohesive element that holds the health care journey of a patient together. Throughout the whole experience of a patient, regardless of any available assistance, nurses work hard and tirelessly to detect...
empathy end of life care featured

Empathy: The Key to End of Life Care

  Empathy: The key to end of life care Introduction In the United States, the most significant part of health-care professionals is represented by nurses. Currently, 3.6 million nurses are practicing to provide complete patient-centered care to the patients. Nurses...
Living Well

Take a Personal Time Out!

Living Well Wellness is essential for everyone. Everyone should know that you cannot take care of anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first. The mind and body need to work together in harmony. If the mind is...